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  • Who is Natacha?
    Natacha de Crombrugghe was born on 20 January 1994 in Uccle, Belgium. She has two older brothers: Michaël and Arnaud and a younger brother: Tanguy. We live in Linkebeek, a small village near Brussels, Belgium. She went to primary school in Linkebeek and secondary school in Notre-Dame des Champs in Uccle. She studied law at the UCL in Saint-Louis in Brussels and in Louvain-la-Neuve. She trained as a mediator and worked directly for the Allianz insurance group in Brussels. She has been in youth movements (scouts) and plays hockey in Linkebeek. Natacha is a cheerful, energetic, resourceful, sporty, hard-working and independent girl who loves life, parties and has a lot of friends.
  • Did the parents go to Cabanaconde?
    Natacha's parents spent 3 weeks in Cabanaconde in February. They were accompanied by the Consul, the Ambassador and the Honorary Consul of Belgium in Arequipa. They mobilised the police, guides and investigators who came in large numbers to the area. Three Belgian police officers came to share their information with the Peruvian police. They noticed that the Peruvians were doing their job well. The parents plan to return to Peru in April to follow the search on the ground.
  • Is it possible that she doesn't want to be found?
    Natacha left on January 1st for a 6 month trip to Latin America. Peru is her first destination. She had bought a plane ticket to fly to Bogota (Colombia) on February 4th. She spoke enthusiastically about her trip and was looking forward to discovering the other countries.
  • Has her wanted notice been shared online, on different Facebook groups?
    Yes, it has been shared in many Facebook groups but please help us share it more! Share it on social networks: Subscribe to the Looking for Natacha Facebook page. Follow the Looking for Natacha Instagram account and use the hastags #lookingfornatacha #natachadecrombrugghe.
  • Have psychics/mediums been brought in?
    Natacha's parents receive many messages from mediums and psychics, but the visions are very different. Some are interesting because they open up possible hypotheses.
  • Have her phone, accounts and applications been checked?
    Natacha's phone has not been found. Her last connection to the Internet and her last message were on January 23th at 5:23 PM. The Polarstep application has made it possible to retrace her steps until then. Natacha's computer was also analysed. But we found nothing that could help the investigation.
  • What do we know?
    Natacha left Belgium on January 1st 2022 for a 6 month trip to Latin America. A break of a few months to discover the world but also to think about what she wants to do with her life. Peru is her first destination. On January 24th at 5 AM, she left her hotel in Cabanaconde for a solo trek of a few days in the Colca Canyon. Since then we have not heard from her. After visiting Peru and its wonders (Lima, Cuzco, Machu Pichu, Lake Titicaca, the Cordillera Blanca, the Amazon...) and making several treks in groups, Natacha wanted to be alone, to disconnect and to take her time in the oasis of the Canyon to prepare the next part of her trip. She took her ticket to fly to Bogota (Colombia) on February 4th. She spoke enthusiastically about her trip and told us not to worry if we didn't hear from her for a few days. On January 23th, she left Puno by bus and arrived at Cabanaconde at about 3:30 PM. She first went to the Pachamama Hotel, which was too expensive for her, then to Mirko House, which was closed because of the Covid, and finally to El Estancia where she would have slept and left her big bag for 5 days. Between 4 and 5 PM, she wanders around the countryside, where did she leave her big bag and who gave her directions? She connected to Mirko's wifi and sent her last messages to friends, between 5 and 5:30 PM. After that, her mobile phone shows no connection. She arrived at La Estancia at 8pm but what did she do in the meantime? From 8 PM to 10:30 PM, she had dinner, alone and read her e-book, at Chapi's Virgin restaurant and went back to El Estancia to sleep around 11 PM. The next day, around 5 AM, she left the hotel without having breakfast. Since then, no news, she has vanished. Did she really go on a trek? No one has seen her, neither on the paths nor in the different accommodation places in the canyon. All the paths she might have taken have been searched but so far there is no trace of Natacha. Did she have an accident, did she get caught in a landslide, did she fall into the river, did she get lost? Or did she have a bad encounter, was she kidnapped, was she the victim of a predator? So far, the police have not found any conclusive evidence. Natacha certainly spoke with people to prepare her trek, to ask for directions, to buy provisions, to drop off her bag, she must have met hikers, locals…
  • How can I help?
    In Peru Print and post the wanted notice on the street and in other public places in Peru. You can download the research notice here. In Cabanaconde If you are going to Cabanaconde and/or hiking in the Colca Canyon, please keep an eye out and let us know if you notice anything. Online Like, subscribe and share the "Looking for Natacha" Facebook and Instagram pages on social networks. Financial Support If you wish to provide financial support to help cover the various expenses incurred during Natacha's research, you can make a donation (tax deductible) to Childfocus' account - BE28 0910 1846 7920 (BIC: GKCCBEBB) with the mention "Donation Research Natacha Peru". Have info? You have any information about Natacha? Contact us!
  • Have hospitals and emergency services in and around Arequipa been contacted?
    All the hospitals in the area have been contacted. But no trace of Natacha.
  • Were metal detectors, drones, helicopters, thermal imaging drones, sniffer dogs, etc. used in the search?
    Drones and a sniffer dog are still used for on-site searches.
  • What was Natacha wearing at the time of her disappearance?
    Natacha is 1.65m tall, has blue eyes and long curly brown hair. On January 24th she was wearing black tights and a black jacket and pink trainers. She was carrying a small black backpack.
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