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de Crombrugghe

Last seen on January 24, 2022 leaving her hostel at about 5:00 AM in Cabanaconde (Peru), she has been reported missing since then. Natacha was planning to trek in the Colca Canyon for a few days. On January 24, she was dressed all in black with pink sneakers and carried a small black backpack. 


Natacha is a Belgian woman who was 28 years old at the time of her disappearance. She was last seen on Monday, January 24, 2022 at about 5:00 AM leaving the hotel La Estancia in Cabanaconde (Peru). We have not heard from her since and despite an ongoing investigation in Peru and Belgium, her disappearance remains a mystery. 


Natacha left Belgium on January 1 for a 6 month trip to Latin America. Peru was her first destination. After visiting several wonders of Peru and doing multiple treks in groups, Natacha wanted to be alone, to disconnect and take her time in the oasis of the Canyon to prepare the rest of her trip.

How can you help?

In Peru

Print and post the wanted notice on the street and in other public places in Peru.

In Cabanaconde

Or in the Colca Canyon, please keep a watchful eye out and let us know if you notice anything.


Like, subscribe and share the "Looking for Natacha" Facebook page on social networks.

Financial Support

Provide financial support to help cover the various expenses incurred in the search for Natacha.

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